1 Down, 11 to Go

1 week. 4 workouts. Lots of sweat!

11 weeks. 44 workouts. A lot more sweat!

That’s what I have to look forward to. I’m genuinely excited to continue my new routine. So far I can definitely see how this could help people if they stick with it. Even just a week into the 12 week program I’m looking forward to starting it all over again. I started really light just to be safe. I want to make sure that I can progress through the entire program. Next time around I’ll add just a little bit of weight over where I started this go around. No matter what though, I’ve still got a long ways to go.

Up until this point, after a solid 3-4 months of workouts, I wasn’t able to even finish a single workout of the Shortcut to Size program. That should be a pretty good indicator as to where I started. That doesn’t appear to be the case now. I still have some limitations, namely in the abdominal region, but I was able to push through the rest. Next week drops the reps down to 10 per set. That’s a bit more normal for me, so I’m looking forward to it. I will definitely miss the burn of 15 rep sets though. Gotta love the burn!

So, the next two days off, completely, and then back to the grind. Except, I’m not seeing it that way anymore. I see each workout as another opportunity to make myself better. Better than I was when I woke up that morning. Better than I was before I walked down the stairs to my gym. I like short term goals and I think that’s the best one. It’s the one we should all shoot for. Just being…better.

Are you better today than you were yesterday?

There’s only one way to get there…


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