Thus Begins Another

Week 2 is now upon me…

Another week of sweat, hard work, and hopefully, gains!

I know people don’t necessarily care of about the trials and tribulations of someone simply blogging about their fitness pursuits, but I feel it’s a good way to see where I’m at. It helps me to know my mental state of mind as I move along on this journey. Right now, I’m feeling motivated and looking forward to my next workout. It feels like a grind, but it’s a good grind. Having said that, and I know I’ve said it multiple times by now, this isn’t a sprint. That brings me to what’s on my mind right now…

In recent days, and weeks, I’ve decided to eschew any and all concepts of the 6 week body transformation. Even the 12 week transformation idea is probably total garbage. Why I have I done this? A couple of reasons really.

Number one is based on my own results. I have always felt that true fitness. Having good conditioning, good muscular content, and good nutrition, was the triangle of health. Without all three of these you really can’t consider yourself to be a fit individual. Without all three your progress will be slowed and mostly likely by an order of magnitude. However, and I feel pretty strongly about this, I don’t think anyone can really start by dedicating themselves to all three things at one time. Sure, you can do them for a period of time. Maybe a few weeks. Maybe even a few months. Eventually though, as I see it, you will burn out. You will start eating poorly or maybe you won’t go our for that morning run or ride. I for example am pretty much consumed with a singular goal. Sort of. I want to build muscle and strength. At this point in time I have no real concern for being able to run a marathon or 10k. My eating habits are suspect, at best. So, I figure I may as well put my 110% into lifting weight. Above my chest. Above my head. With my arms. With my legs. After I really build solid habits with that activity then I feel I can add on to it with the other aspects of the triangle. On top of that, I really don’t like running. Fast food now and then also tastes pretty good. I have made some definite improvements in the way I look and feel, but alas, we can’t all be perfect!

The second reason for casting the get fit quick scheme aside: OPR. Other people’s results. I have seen online recently a number of articles related to the slow progress made by people doing what I’m doing and doing other programs. I found one article, in particular, to be rather interesting. It wasn’t scientific in the least but it did paint a picture. A young woman had posted some images online of her before/after results. She had been doing Crossfit for some time by this point and was unhappy with her results. The pictures pretty much said it all. After nearly 6 months of hard work in “the box” she hadn’t produced any real visual results. Key word there? Visual. Apparently she wanted to quit. Give it up. Turn all that hard work into, almost literally, nothing. The article goes on to say her husband talked her out of it. How did he do this? By asking the simplest and arguably best question: How do you feel? She responded by saying she felt pretty good. She was stronger and faster. She could do more work than ever before. She had improved. She just didn’t have the results she had expected. Regardless, she HAD results.

So, in closing, my point is this: Do what makes you FEEL good! If you are on a program, or doing a routine, don’t expect overnight results. Fitness isn’t the lottery. You’re not going to pull some magic line of numbers one day and be a physique competitor the next. It doesn’t work like that and it never will. If you are pursuing your goals steadily and consistently, the results will come for you. If you just do something for 6 weeks and never again, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. As I like to say at my job, garbage in, garbage out. Put garbage effort into all of this and that’s what you’ll get back. Put in your best efforts and eventually, you’ll be rewarded with your best body. I’m taking my time with things. You should be doing the same.


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