Another Step Up

So, I did my workout last night. Standard fare if you've read the last couple of my posts. Whole body split. Very light weights. I'm just trying not to give myself a heart attack while also actually trying to give myself a little additional muscle mass. It's a challenging equation to be sure... The good … Continue reading Another Step Up


Ugh, Leg Day…

Today is supposed to be leg day. I was supposed to be doing leg day for the last four weeks. I haven't done it once. Don't be like me. Do leg day. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know this is where the big muscles are. The ones that really can get things … Continue reading Ugh, Leg Day…


I had to do my leg workout for the week today. That was fun... I discovered something though, something I knew about but hadn't really put myself through until today. That is the matter of intensity. Normally I just go through my workouts like always. Set after set. Nothing fancy. Something happened with today's workout … Continue reading Intensity